The importance of customer information for any organizations is self evident. There is huge information gap between organization and customers. SaaS-SIA can bridge this gap by providing a sales intelligence application that tracks every customer visit and records valuable customer information.

  • Improve Transparency

    Ensure transparency by sharing visit reports among stakeholders, including managers, customers, and sales representative

  • Get Right Business Information

    Gather valuable business information from customers, by targeting the right customer using customizable filters.

  • Increase Efficiency

    Save time and cost by analyzing customer’s KPIs before going for a visit, and reporting gathered information after visit.

  • Make Sure Visits Are On Track

    Monitor the business information, and usage statistics on real time to supervise the customer visit team.


  • Discussion Points

    The points on which the discussion has to be made can be generated based on the uploaded spreadsheets.

  • KPI Charts of Customers

    The sales representative can view and analyze the KPI charts of customer through the application, in various graphical ways.

  • Targeting Customers

    The sales representative can filter customer lists, and target specific customers based on various categories and performance criteria.

  • Voice of Customers

    Feedback from the customers, such as sales barrier can be updated by the sales representative through the application.

  • Bulk Import

    Large number of spreadsheets can be imported automatically into the application for analysis through Dropbox folders.

  • Offline Syncing

    The application can be used without the internet. All the collected information will be synced later over internet.

  • iOS Applications

    The assigned sales representative can use applications in iOS devices such as iPads to gather market intelligence.

  • Reporting

    The daily visit report can be generated automatically based on the information updated by sales representative in the application.

  • Previous Visit Summary

    Sales representatives can get a quick glance of previous customer visit to learn about customers before going for a visit.

  • Promotional Materials

    Images and videos can be added so that sales representative can exhibit the promotional materials during customer visit.

  • Usage Statistics

    The application usage statistics can extracted and sales representative’s activities can be tracked as per requirements.

  • Language Customization

    All the field and item names can be customized based on your language preferences and organizational guidelines.


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Key Features Small Business Enterprise
$ 15 per month $ 30 per month $ 45 per month
Customer Limitation 10000 50000 Unlimited
Promotional Materials Upto 5 materials Upto 15 materials Upto 50 materials
Charts creation /Dashboard view upto 5 charts upto 10 charts Unlimited
Response time /support Email Support Email Support Email Support
Reports & Dashboard Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Forms Builder
Discussion Points
Dropbox Syncing
Rules Creation
Sales Barrier
Offline sync
Visual Analytics Report

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